«... the craftsmanship here is exceptional. This is quality music, played to perfection. Furthermore, it is clear that every band member plays each note with the precise passion that ensures tango will never simply be consigned to the history books.» – Dan Hobson, Songlines Magazine

«Nostálgico is an album that convinces with its wonderfully elaborated arrangements, as well as its sound, committed to the tradition of the old masters, that is so rarely found in today’s tango bands» – AMM Magazin

«For anyone wondering how to get through the winter, I strongly recommend this album» – Barbara Stracci, Melodie & Rhythmus

«El Muro Tango is characterized by control and precision in all details, the sound is clear and appealing» – Sigbjørn Apeland, Dag og Tid

«Tango can be annoying. This one is quite the contrary. It is modern, melodious and yet comes with soul.» – Der Übersteiger Magazin


Infobae: The legendary Alberto Castillo already has an heir: his grandson triumphs in Europe playing modern tango
Jazzthetik: El Muro Tango - Nordic Passion
Drammens Tidende: Karl Espegard (35) is immersed in tango – I bought the cheapest violin I could find Tango across sea and land

«El Muro Tango and Juan Villarreal play with great energy, captivating melancholy and delicate subtleties» – Jürgen Spieß, Interkultur Stuttgart

«It’s no wonder they have been superbly received everywhere – this sounds as strong and as real as one can only wish for» – Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

«Even in Oslo, erotic sparks can ignite on the dance floor when the musical ingredients are right, and so it does on the album which, not for nothing, is called Nostálgico» – Nürnberger Zeitung

«Tango according to tradition, with heart and soul aimed at the present time» – Ohrenschmauch

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