El Muro Tango is an Argentine-Norwegian tango band, formed in November 2016, that has rapidly gained popularity in the European and South American tango community. El Muro Tango has toured the world and made their South American debut with their “Argentina Tour” in March 2018. They played for full houses in La Viruta, Salón Canning, Usina del Arte and other venues in Buenos Aires and Patagonia. The band is also known from Norwegian television as they performed in the final of Norway´s Got Talent 2018 alongside dance couple Cyrena Drusine & Steinar Refsdal. El Muro Tango has conducted regular tours to Germany and performed in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, England, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic and Norway.

El Muro Tango collaborates with some of the leading Argentine singers such as Juan Villarreal, Negro Falótico and Chino Laborde.
Their music is a mix of Argentine traditional tango with elements of jazz and modern music. With a distinctive musical expression and lots of energy on stage, El Muro Tango has become a cherished band among music lovers and tango dancers alike.

Karl Espegard (1983) is a Norwegian violinist graduated from Hochschule der Künste Bern and the Norwegian Academy of Music. As a member of the Argentine tango ensemble Orquesta del Centenario he has made several tours in Argentina and Europe. Karl is a former member of the Swiss Chamber Orchestra and the World Orchestra, and was in the spring of 2014 soloist with Orquesta Sinfonica de Trujillo in Peru. During the past year he worked at The Norwegian Theatre and the National Theatre in Oslo.

Juan Pablo De Lucca (1986) is an Argentine pianist and composer from Buenos Aires. In 2016 he released his debut CD with original compositions, "Despues de todo" with Juan Pablo de Lucca Quinteto. His style is best described as a mix of traditional and modern, typical of the younger generation of tango musicians. Grandson of legendary tango singer Alberto Castillo, Juan Pablo has performed with classic tango singers Alberto Podestá and Oscar Ferrari. He has played in prominent venues in Buenos Aires like Torquato Tasso, Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires, Grand Rex, Konex and Teatro Coliseo.

Åsbjørg Ryeng (1992) belongs to the younger generation of Norwegian bandoneonists, a graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music under Per Arne Glorvigen. She is a member of leading Norwegian tango ensembles Tangueros del Norte, Cantango and Los Osos Polares. She has played with the Oslo Radio Orchestra and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. In 2012-2013 she was engaged by The Norwegian Theatre as bandoneonist in the musical “Evita”.

Sebastian Noya (1985) was born in Buenos Aires, where he studied piano, electric bass and double bass. He is a former member of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce, and has traveled around the world performing tango in Europe, South America and the United States. He is currently a member of the popular tango group Amores Tangos and has worked with artists such as Leopoldo Federico, Pepe Colángelo, Victor Lavallén, Julio Pane, Lidia Borda, Diego Schissi Quinteto and Daniel Melingo.