Festivalito Tango Primavera

Saturday @ 22:00

Zürich, Switzerland

Milonga & show: El Muro Tango + Juan Villarreal + Chicho & Juana

Gig Details

35 CHF

We are very much looking forward to a new Edition of Festivalito Tango Primavera. Juana is back on the dance- and teaching floor with Chicho, Pablo Rodriguez is coming with his new Partner Carolina. We have chosen great DJ’s and musicians to create an unforgettable, magic weekend together with all of you! El Muro Tango band will play for us in the Volkshaus Theatersaal and the Duo Villareal/Crom will play and sing on Friday evening.

The weekend of Ascension is a long weekend. During these four days, we can fully immerse ourselves in the world of Tango. To get an impression watch this wonderful video from last year by SivisArt. Enjoy!

Venue Details

Theatersaal Volkshaus
Stauffacherstrasse 56
Zürich 8004