Tango – Passion from Buenos Aires

«This is world class!»
Jury in Norske Talenter 2018

«El Muro Tango with dancers created a fantastic atmosphere at our annual summer party!»
Fredrik Olstad, Norwegian Health Worker´s Union

«In the middle of dinner at the National Museum's Christmas party, we were carried away to a sizzling Argentina and forgot about the cold winter. There was a magical silence in the hall during the entire performance. All my colleagues loved the show and hoped it could last all night! Thank you very much from a very impressed and grateful audience! »
Beate Marie Bang, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway

Exclusive shows for companies and private events

El Muro Tango offers live Argentine tango music and dance shows to companies and private individuals. The package is aimed at conferences, kick-off parties, dinners and events. The program is tailored to your needs and can include an introductory lesson in tango for attendees.

We offer

  • Live tango music with dance show
  • International star singers from Argentina
  • Introductory tango lesson

El Muro Tango

El Muro Tango is an Argentine-Norwegian tango band founded in 2016 that in record time has taken the international tango world by storm. The group is known from Norwegian television where they performed in the finale of Norway´s Got Talent 2018. They play traditional Argentine tango with a fresh and modern harmonic language, incorporating elements of jazz and South American rhythms. Engagements for 2019 includes prestigious festivals such as Oslo World and Innsbruck Tango Festival, and in August 2019 the band will give its debut concert at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

«El Muro Tango and Juan Villarreal play with great energy, captivating melancholy and delicate subtleties» - Interkultur Stuttgart

«Tango according to tradition, with heart and soul aimed at the present time» - Ohrenschmauch

CS Tango

Cyrena Drusine & Steinar Refsdal made their Norwegian TV debut as participants of Norway´s Got Talent 2018. An excited jury praised them for their world-class dance. The couple has performed at festivals and shows around Europe, in Buenos Aires, New York and Bangkok. They have become famous for their elegance and passion.

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