Buenos Aires:Tango

Buenos Aires:Tango

Over 90 minutes of unforgettable live music and astonishing dancers that will take you straight to the beating heart of Buenos. This is Argentine tango at its fiery best!

“Buenos Aires:Tango” takes you on an explosive journey through the history and evolution of this most seductive art form, showcasing traditional tango’s rawness and sophistication while evoking the intoxicating passion of late night Buenos Aires.

Combining traditional music with modern elements from jazz and contemporary music, the tango quintet is joined by a cast of extraordinary tango and folclore dancers, including World Tango champions. Don’t miss this chance to experience authentic Argentine tango by the very best in the world.



Artistic staff:

Tango quartet (Piano, bandoneon, violin, double bass)

2 Singers (male and female)

6 dancers (2 tango couples, 1 folklore couple)

Technical staff:

1 Tour manager

1 Stage manager

1 Lightning and stage design